Collaboration in support of women educators and leaders

@ViviennePorritt   Vivienne Porritt, Strategic Leader of #WomenEd

collaborationAs a voluntary community #WomenEd has always collaborated with partners to achieve greater impact than we can do alone.  We currently collaborate with @Tes_Institute, @WholeEducation, and with all organisations who give their venues to us at no charge.

We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration is with @CEREducation.  CER is a leading recruitment company, working across the education sector with teachers, TAs, lecturers, schools, colleges & nurseries. Our partnership, which comes into effect from July 2019, is founded on the shared values held by both organisations, including the belief that there remain systemic inequalities in education recruitment and career progression.

#WomenEd will benefit from the partnership as our powerful social media networking will be amplified through CER’s own expansive networks across the country, enabling us to make contact with more women who do not use social media. This is particularly relevant for supply teachers who face the added challenge of isolation from school support and can be empowered, through connection with #WomenEd, to become well equipped for the job market.

CER will also bolster its offering by introducing its networks to #WomenEd, thereby giving greater consideration to, and elevating the share of voice for women in education, especially at the leadership level.

In our press release about this partnership, I said:

“As a movement driven to overcome gender and racial inequality, we are delighted to partner with a like-minded organisation like CER.”

Paul Morgan, Business Development Manager, at CER, said:

“CER has a 15-year legacy supporting education recruitment and with teaching being a female-dominated profession, our partnership with #WomenEd was an obvious choice.

“We look forward to working closely with the #WomenEd leadership team and its members, to expand its network and increase employment opportunities for female teachers at all levels of education.” 

We believe that working together will only strengthen our mission, and we look forward to introducing our passionate and dedicated network to those educators, leaders and organisations within CER’s  extensive networks.


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