25,000 and growing…

by Jules Daulby   @JulesDaulby    WomenEd Strategic Leader

In 2014 I received a DM (private message on Twitter) from @ViviennePorritt. Would I be interested in co-founding @WomenEd with a like minded group of people? My initial response was ‘I think she thinks I’m someone else’ (a common internal narrative I live with).  But what a journey! I’m so glad I said yes.

Those days seem so far away as we reach 25000 followers, have regional groups across the country, across Europe and now internationally.  We have also published our first book which Vivienne and co-founder, Keziah Featherstone edited painstakingly and brilliantly. It has flown off the shelves, exceeding our expectations and soon is likely to be in all CPD libraries of schools, colleges and universities. A second book is already in the drafting stage. 

Some of our co-founders have stepped down from the steering group but are still very much part of our community. Helena Marsh, Natalie Scott and Hannah Wilson – three tour de force women. We now have some new members to join the leadership team; Alison Kriel, Liz Free and Nicki Smith. 

Because we’ve gone global, our structure and how we describe ourselves has to change. So the new name for national leaders is @WomenEd strategic leaders. Our regional leaders are now called network leaders of the region they lead. As we continue grow this structure will develop further. 

It’s been an honour and absolute pleasure to see @WomedEd grow and flourish. To hear of promotions and inspirational stories but also to be there coaching those who weren’t ‘this time’ successful and others learning that ‘good enough’ is a positive. Seeing careers as a wiggly line journey not necessarily a start and finish five year plan or an unsuccessful interview as the end of it. We informally coach one another all of the time and many many busy people are generous enough to give their time to others. 

I can palpably feel the difference in women I meet when they begin to plan their career, make their own decisions and learn that they’re not alone. At our annual Unconferences I always take some time out to watch people interact and see hugs of congratulations, tears of joy as well as more challenging conversations unpicking what they are struggling. There is laughing, jokes and sharing stories. Ah, stories! It is how @WomenEd was formed – we share our stories, we learn from each other, we cry together, laugh together and may even be found singing (@suecowley) together. It is why the title of our next book is ‘When we are #10%braver’ and we’ll share the stories of the #WomenEd community as we know how powerful these are.  

So with our 25000 followers and the ever growing network – we wanted to thank everyone involved and say congratulations to all of you. We hope you will join us; we are very much looking forward to the next stage of the journey. 

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