When Good People Come Together, Incredible Things Happen.

BY Christalla Jamil @ChristallaJ


On the 9th March, 2019 I was honoured to be a part of the #WomenEdLondon Unconference by hosting the #FexingOurSchools #LeadMeet. One of the things I find most inspiring is when women openly support and lift each other up. During the #LeadMeet session, there were numerous, inspiring examples of how we can help propel each other forward instead of holding each other back. By drawing on the support from other women, we can harness the collective energy of our peers to help us feel less alone, because it’s tough out there.

After lunch, the theatre was packed. We sat back and attentively listened to:

Jen Crittenden @jenjen1985 presenting on, “Should People Have Their Cake and Eat It?”

Conversation Settings

Sarah Dove @PhoenixEducati3 presenting about her reflections of, “Learning To Rise From The Flames, Motherhood, Mental Ill-Health and Being A Senior Leader.”

Sophie Ainscough @Fifijane83 spoke about her journey, “From Management to Maternity then Somewhere in the Middle.”

Juliet Horton @hortonjuliet presented on, “ Managing Leadership and Motherhood- Challenges and Opportunities.”

Holly Power @returntoteach advised us through her journey about, “ How to MAKE Flexible Working Work in School Leadership.”

Finally, Susan Crisp from the Mayor’s Office spoke of opportunities linked to Leading on Education.

I believe that incredible things happen when there is unity. Somebody once said, “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” These women were strong, courageous and authentic. Each and every one of the stories they shared brought me to my knees. One tissue box did not suffice!

#WomenEd is creating a platform to build a life and a community and a future based on our unique and powerful voices, talents, dreams, curiosities and courage. Sharing each other’s experiences not only empowers us but gives us the courage to be #10%Braver. Sharing is inherent in every person and integral to who we are as human beings.

This is why we have to unite the people of goodwillAUNCH2l throughout the world, #WomenED and #HeforShe, in order to change society for the benefit of everyone, because then we will recognise each other and instinctually remember who we are, what our purpose is and how we will achieve equality and fairness for all.

A quote that was shared at the #unconference and still resonates with me today is, “She believed she could so she did.”

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