Balance for better by Ceri

by Ceri Stokes   @CeriStokes

What does that mean and can we really achieve this?  I start New Year resolutions to be a better me, things like running more to be in better shape, spending more time with family so that I can help my children be better at……….whatever they are interested at that time, reading more to be wiser and therefore more aware but it starts to feel like I am doing more and more.  Oh and then I want to write more, be better at my job by helping more pupils and organising more insets and inspiring and helping more people. The problem is that I haven’t taken anything away and therefore balance can never be achieved and the chance of me maintaining these resolutions are almost zero.

But what can I take away? I still have to teach / work, do all the admin that goes along with it. The house still needs to be tidy and clean, well as tidy and clean as it can be with a tween and a teenager ( doing his mock exams!). Perhaps this is the answer, accepting compromise. A friend gave me a post card with the phrase “Don’t be so hard on yourself” after I had a particularly bad day and I felt that I had let down a student. To be better I need to balance things. Accept that there are some days when I may not achieve amazing things, and just cooking a roast and having the whole family sit together for 30 mins and not kill each other is an achievement. Other days I may be proud of the 6 miles that I have just run or that assembly I have been planning for ages.  And just because I write more blog posts doesn’t mean that they will be “ good” or that I will be a better person.

Wonder Woman isn’t amazing every day, so why do I feel that I have to be. So perhaps my New Year resolution should be to be 10%braver by accepting who I am and that some days I will be amazing and other days I will be ok.

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