My 2019 wishes by Amy Harvey

Amy Harvey @ms_jamdangory

ny14Just four months ago I joined my school as Head of School. Moving county, joining an academy and taking on a new leadership role were all huge changes for me. The school having  its seventh leadership team in 10 years, was more chance for them.

I joined at a time of difficulties in many ways, and much blame being sprinkled from above, with dry mud being thrown at  cracks without any cement to actually fix it.

The school was in a state of flux. I wanted to bring a sense of community back. And I think we are rebuilding our community. Our school is for everyone, a haven, a learning zone, a music hall, a sports arena, a nurture corner.

My wish for 2019 is that our school receives the recognition it deserves, that of a place of joy, not the school that whenever people hear its name, eyebrows raise, and a knowing, ‘ ah that place,’ is uttered. Our place is a place of love, sharing and encouragement.


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