This my 50th year on Planet Earth – 2019

by Lisa Hannay   @lhannay1


Serious or silly? Story of my life.  Woman of extremes it seems.  My silly wish for 2019?  Give up chocolate and train to be a ballerina!  Ok, ok limit my intake of chocolate and go to a ballet.  That’s better.

I figured by now I would have everything figured out.  All my whys and whats and whatevers.  It seems that the journey continues.  My #oneword2019 is HELP (one letter away from HOPE – swap the E for an O and jiggle the letters about – oh you get it).  I need to get over myself  – seriously.  Ask for help when I need it, accept it and don’t beat myself up and most certainly don’t wait until I feel like total shite!  I am always most willing to give help, often the first to offer.  Why and what on earth do I think I am and doing by thinking I can always go it alone?

This is a familiar theme in my life and writing but I really want to get a grip on the roller coaster that my emotions and life can be – so I write about it so I can be accountable – help a lady out will you?

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