My 2019 Wishes by Michelle Strong

by Michelle Strong       @michellestrong

2018: a year for embracing the unexpected. This time last year I was settling into life and my new home  in Norfolk, enjoying my third year as a head there, albeit feeling a little apprehensive knowing that ofsted would be calling. They didn’t make me wait long and by the end of January I was head of a ofsted graded good school. Time to relax a little and take stock of all I had achieved before pushing the school on again. Or so I thought! Seems others had different plans for me and Nottingham came calling. So much so that I now find myself not only living in Nottingham but back leading a school in need of love, care and attention. I have been pushed to my limits at times this year personally and professionally .. leaving a school I loved, selling a house, finding somewhere to live short term and longer term, starting a new job.. had I known at the start of the year all that it would entail I probably would have chosen hibernation but I have survived and thrived,learning so much about myself in the process. Looking back and reflecting on my achievements makes me proud and I have certainly been 10% braver.

So onto 2019.. There will be tough times I know .. I am currently driving a school bus up a very steep and bumpy road but the destination is clear and I know it will be worth it once we all get there. It will no doubt take a lot of my time but I also need to remember that I am more than a headteacher. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend and I need to put family and friends and more importantly me first more often. Balance is the key .. I will work to live and not live to work this year!

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