Simple Insights

by Mary Myatt   @MaryMyatt

In order to keep my presentation skills fresh, I watch videos of accomplished Marypresenters to see what I can learn. I subscribe to a great newsletter from Brian Robinson of Auracle[1], where the highlights have already been picked out. And what I find is that I not only garner ideas for improving my own practice, but occasionally I find I have to stop and rewind because the ideas are so powerfully expressed. And this is what happened when I was watching an audience with Peter Ustinov[2]. Filmed in 1988, it is a masterpiece of relaxed, erudite, hilarious commentary on life. And this is what leapt out at me:

The media concentrates on what separates us, but once you have accepted the differences between us, one is always struck by the similarities. Basically, people everywhere are very good, I think. And they are only made bad.’

I shall be carrying these observations into 2019. Thank you Peter.




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