High Heels or Flats?

My 2019 Wishes by Christalla Jamil

NY7Why do I choose to wear heels? In the literal sense, they elevate my presence. Flats are comfortable. I can walk in them all day. I don’t have to think about them, whereas heels keep my attention, taking considerations into account.

Walk with me in my heels:

You’ll radiate confidence

I love my job- seeing learners succeed, staff develop and grow… but every now and I lack self -belief and wonder if I am leading effectively. This is when the imposter syndrome kicks in. I wear my heels with pride representing my best invincible me.


You’ll commit

Some scenarios can be intimidating. Your high heels will take you a long way! You will certainly convey confidence and expertise.


You’ll have fun, be yourself

Do what is right for you. Learn to say no. It is about managing your wellbeing too! Reclaim your weekends. Delegate effectively. Earn trust. Work as a team. Know when you need to be alone.


Which shoes did you put on today? Tomorrow?

I have days when I am trying to figure out how to build the best school with happy staff and pupils who are always hungry to learn. On those days, I choose my flats, which represent my confidence, expertise and ability to do world-class work.

But on days when I step out to represent my beliefs, I choose my high heels. They help me represent my innovation, self-confidence, professional presence; the expertise that I want present in the world.


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