Breaking the Mould

by Kiran      @KSunray3

Writing floats on a sea of talk. Negotiating meaning after each wonderful presentation transported me. I’m not entirely sure where, but it was beautiful – intangible but beautiful, safe and calm. Through talk; waves of wisdom rippled throughout the room. I loved the format – everyone in one room, circulating and listening to the same messages. Innovative and inspired and very #womened. Our values were prevalent; transient yet always there rippling through the room.

Everything aligned today. This #womened event filled my cup to the max – I am brimming. I felt completely in tune with the messages, safe to share and was flooded with generous and genuine positivity.

I finally met @lenabellina – a truly beautiful and gentle soul. Felt like I’d known her forever – honest conversations just flowed and there was a depth of understanding that helped us connect powerfully.

Jaz made me well up – she is a cheerleader. Her kind words hit a chord. She exemplifies one of the most beautiful things about #womened – watching, celebrating and reflecting on how each woman is becoming her version of herself, as a leader, woman… a butterfly. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is a metaphor – the life blood – of #womened that has taken root in my heart. We are always changing, growing and ultimately re-defining.

Hannah WonderWoman Wilson – she manifests and exemplifies the wisdom and power of Athena and Artemis – a goddess through and through. The rare moments I get one to one with her now always ground me and help me move forward. She makes the world a better place.

For me, there is the power of #womened – the connections you make and build not only deepen with time but enable you to dig deep.

Each truth shared in the mini presentations aligned perfectly with the #Womened values:

I broke the mould because I didn’t know how to fit in

I broke the mould by concentrating

I broke the mould by choosing to be me

I broke the mould by opening my school

I broke the mould by using the resources I had

I broke the mould by doing what no-one expected

I broke the mould by embracing my vulnerability

I broke the mould by facing me fears


I’ve taken eight key messages from this event:

Go into your vulnerability

Value don’t rescue

Build relationships with empathy

Athena and the power of wisdom

Phonics screening check

Developmental stages

Awra Amba – rethink a beautiful world


They may seem random to you but make perfect sense to me. That’s the beauty of #womened – you are not meant to or expected to fit in. You are who you are and take away what you feel is important for you.

Final thoughts that are going to enable me to move forward and keep breaking the mould is that inner power is beautiful, and strength is kind. You can be kind and robust in equal measures (thankyou Mary Myatt). Rae exuded the beauty that comes from inner depth and power – completely unique. Imagination and fun should be woven into your leadership journey – we are humans and humans should always be curious. And we work with children – the most curious, beautiful, special and inspiring humans ever!

My definition of leadership is illustrated by the poetry of pictures below – I am breaking the mould by harnessing my femininity and listening to my heart – I must keep listening to my inner voice. Nurture and kindness are the two golden threads that have defined me as a teacher. Nurture and kindness enable me to live my values and that’s what I’ll keep doing as I grow into a leader or rather an enabler.

Thank you #womened x


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