My #WomenEd track of choice: Now It’s On, by Grandaddy

by Dawn Bellamy    @DrDawnie


I love this song. It’s a celebration, for me, of breaking out from behind a barrier, of opening a door and declaring, ‘This is me! I’m leaving the past behind and starting afresh.’

When Jason Lytle sings, ‘Once you’re outside you won’t want to hide anymore,’ I feel this enormous wave of freedom carrying me along: at live gigs, I’ve even been known to gulp back a tear of relief or two at this point, smiling away to myself as this song means so many things to me and not least because it’s a triumphant blast of musical joy.

So when I finally decided to stop and think about a track that sums up #WomenEd for me and the way it has made me feel, even though have operated so far from behind my Twitter mask and not actually ventured to the reality of any face-to-face events, it had to be this one. I’m shortly to make another break for a new version on freedom and I am looking forward to ‘ceasing to be in the season of the old me’ and turning on a new light, a light that has been massively inspired by my decisions to be 10% braver and stand up for myself and the principles I hold but have, to my dismay, allowed to sit in semi-darkness for far too long. Have a listen. See what you think. (

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