So what the tinsel is #Nurture1718 ?

By Keziah Featherstone. @Keziah70

Many moons ago, when I was only on Twitter and blogging in a confectionary themed Disguise, my friends and I set one another a challenge – a #Nurture blog. Somehow, it took off and hundreds got involved – once almost breaking a well known reblogging site.

We’re launching it again this year and, if you don’t have your own blog, we’re happy to publish yours here. Email it HERE. If you host your own we’d love to reblog it!

The rules are really simple.

  • Five things from 2017 that can loosely be deemed successes
  • Five things you’re hoping will come to pass in 2018
  • Tag it #Nurture1718

That’s IT. Simple huh? And we’d like to feature them all over the Christmas and New Year holiday, whether you’re a teacher or not, whether you’re WomenEd or not. It’s about sharing and celebrating and moving on to the new year.

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